Online Project Proofing

Streamline feedback for easy collaboration, secure workflows, and faster approvals.

No more complicated email trails. Through a sticky-note style feedback, share your comments on your designs and web projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Online proofing is the secure web-based way to review and approve creative work using version-controlled centralized workflows, rather than printing off content or emailing it separately to collaborators.

We apologize for this confusion. Please contact the Exclusive Image team,

Proofing for websites has been activated on your site. Please enter your website URL into any browser and begin the review and proofing process.

Please view your project proof by visiting the URL shared in your email from Exclusive Image.

Adding Comments in a Proof

  1. Website/Design Proof — Once on the front end of the proof, you will see the proofing toolbar at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Comment — Click the blue +Comment button. When the +Comment button turns red you can start to click anywhere on the design or website proofing mode/screen to create a comment. Note, multiple comments can be created. Please add one comment per request.
    • Comments Include
      • Text (i.e. Leave a comment, share a hyperlink, etc.)
      • Attach A File (i.e. text document, photo, etc.)
  3. Name + Email — After entering your first comment. You’ll be required to enter “Your Name” + “Email Address” to save your comment. When adding additional comments, you will not be prompted to add your name/email.
Anyone with the Project Access Link
A collaborator/proofer must have a direct project proofing link to comment on a design and/or website. You do not need an account, software, and do not need to be logged in.

Require a password (optional, design mockups only)
A collaborator, if enabled by Exclusive Image, may have to enter a password in order to see or view the project. For questions, please email

When a collaborator/proofer leaves their first comment, you will be prompted for a name, email, and password (optional). This self-registers a proofer in the Exclusive Image proofing tool. Proofer name and email are for reference only and will remain private. 

Although all Internet browsers are supported on a desktop or mobile device. The following browsers are recommended: 

  • Google Chrome 
  • Mozilla FireFox
  • Safari

Please avoid viewing the website and using the comment tool in a private or incognito browser mode. Private/incognito modes can cause comments to not submit correctly.  

There is no app or software required to comment on proof. You can access a proof through your computer desktop or mobile browser. All internet browsers are supported.